Stacks and Tools

Apps, tools and technologies I use.

LastPassLastPassPassword management tool that helps you securely store and manage your passwords.
FigmaFigmaCollaborative design tool for creating user interfaces and designs.
PostmanPostmanBuild and test APIs.
Ray.soRay.soCreate beautiful images of your code.
ShotsShotsCreate amazing mockups.
NotionNotionDocument creation and organization tool with a wide range of features and possibilities.
SlackSlackTeam collaboration platform for communication and collaboration within organizations.
SpotifySpotifyMusic streaming service that allows you to enjoy and curate a wide range of music from around the world.
VS CodeVS CodeModern web code editor with a wide range of features and extensions for developers.
UnsplashUnsplashFree source of high-quality photos for use in various projects.
DiscordDiscordCommunication and collaboration platform for communities, gamers, and teams.