Why I love Tailwind CSS

I have been using Tailwind CSS lately, a css framework for styling websites. I became a really huge fan!

I've been a huge Bootstrap user for the past few years. It took me sometimte to actually get to try Tailwind. I've been seeing it around but never actually got the time to try it out. Just these recently I tried it then it hanged on to me!

It wasn't that big of a learning curve coming from Bootstrap. I'm seeing some similarities. I think the huge part of the learning curve here is getting confused on the names of the classes. Sometimes I'll put the class I know of on bootstrap thinking it'll work but it didn't.

Memorization of the classes, In general takes some time on getting used to but now the proper syntaxes and classes are engraved in my head. There's also a tool on VS Code that autocomplete classes for you! I find it very handy. :)

Quick notes on why I love it:

You don't have to name classes!

Trying to come up names is a real pain sometimes, not needing to name classes then styling them differently definitely elimanates that.

Responsive Styling

Huge huge fan of this. Even Bootstrap's responsive styling is good but I find Tailwind's responsive prefixes and classes is so much easier to use.

I really like doing my projects Mobile-First approach - Tailwind's prefixes such as sm: and md: makes it really easy to style things responsively it also co-locates your mobile styles to your desktop styles.

Styling super quickly!

Sometimes if you have a project that's not too complicated and you feel like you won't be doing a lot of custom stylings for each component using Tailwind can come in handy. Since you'll be able to write your HTML and CSS in the same window without having to switch through your CSS files!

Dark Mode, Hover States and Focues states!

Tailwind makes it easier to implement dark mode and dark mode styling within your styles! It also makes it easier to style your simple hovers and focus states.

I do feel using Tailwind makes it way faster for me to style websites and recommend people to try it out!

But if you're going for a very customized style of a website and hoping frameworks like Tailwind and Bootstrap will help you save a bunch of time, Unfortunately from my experience, you'll spend a lot more time fixing stuff than saving time. You're better off creating your own styles for it! :)