Weekly Habits?

Weekly habits huh? I'm not sure how I got here but I usually have a hard time maintaining and developing habits.

Recently I've been trying to develop and maintain the habits below:

  • Make Daily Commits
  • Reading 5 pages of a book (Currently slowly and surely making my way through Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard)
  • Make a log post. (Like this one) I have started this log journal entry for a few days now - glad I'm still writing these logs after 2 days 💀

I'm trying to do a daily commit to establish discipine on me actually trying to learn something new on the web space.

And making technical log post, pushes and put pressure me to actually try and make lists of programming posts that I would like to make.

Having to read 5 pages a day, the small amount of reading that I think I get done most days? Keeping it ridiculously simple makes it much harder to come up with an excuse not to do it. It's not a ridiculous amount of pages but it makes me consciously take time to sit down, pick the book and get started.

Though even then it's still a little hard to accomplish daily. But I'm still on the stage of making small progress towards building that habit.

I think all these habits are very worthwhile to do and I really enjoy doing them. But at the same time, I get the feeling that when the day starts I'm already feeling behind because of these tasks that I imposed on myself that I shouldn't escape.