Hey it's Astro! 🚀

Hello everyone!

I recently encountered Astro which is really awesome if I say so myself! I now have used it to make this blog site for random web development logs, css tricks and css/design playgrounds.

What is Astro? 🚀

Astro lets you build fast websites with zero to minimal JavaScript. You can use React, Vue, Svelte or any mix and match of those and other languages/frameworks and it'll just take the output and serve the HTML to the browser! It is an awesome static site generator.

Quick take on it: 📝

  • It is fast as they say it is - As Astro said in their documentations "it should be impossible to build a slow website in Astro" 🚀
  • Super easy to use - if you already know React, Vue, other languages and even plain HTML you're good to go!
  • Documentation is pretty awesome, community is pretty helpful.
  • The use of Islands is extremely helpful on making the static site lightweight.

I looked at React but never that much, I have used Vue and Nuxt in past projects - which feels very similar to the way you'll use Astro. The tool is so flexible and simple where you can just crank out HTML in a way people can understand.

I'll continue to learn more about Astro as I build this website with it, I still have a lot to learn on actual the tool and the wonders that it'll provide to the web development space.

Huge thanks to one of the very few brilliant designer and developer I know of - Joshua, who introduced me to Astro! Check his awesome works! 🤝