Bootstrap vs Tailwind CSS - Which one to pick?


Bootstrap is a Component-based Framework - designed to help developers pull up a quick generic website, it comes with sets of pre-built components, along with some utilities such as spacings, margins, sizings, etc.


Tailwind is a Utility-first Framework. In opposed to Bootstrap, which provides a few utilities, Tailwind is all utilities. The core framework has no pre-built components, you will have to build components on your own.

What to choose?

If you're a backend fella and has a bunch of ups and downs on CSS, I'd highly recommend using Bootstrap first as a starting point, be familiarized and make use of their built-in components. Only do CSS when needed such as changing a style or creating your own component. That way you can focus on other stacks that you are using.

If you're on a journey to be a frontend fella or a seasoned CSS fella, I would suggest going with Tailwind or maybe don't even use frameworks, both are good options seeing that you'll need to get good with CSS anyway.

The subject on choosing Tailwind or Bootstrap is pretty broad, and deciding which one to choose should always start with your own research. Learn about both of them, how you can each will greatly help you on which framework to work with. Take note that Bootstrap is more robust with components/templates which has HTML, CSS and JS included whilst Tailwind focuses more on CSS!